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Monthly Archives: December 2010

“Shooting from the hip”, is at best, an inaccurate way to discharge a firearm. It is although an interesting way to take a photograph. 

This is the typical approach when using a Holga medium format camera. With its plastic fixed focus lens, notorious light leaks, and parallax problems (what you see is not neccesarily what you get).

I began “shooting from the hip” with the cult classic Holga but found printing in medium format (introduced for the Kodak Brownie Camera in 1901) awkward in my darkroom.

Never one to shoot a mosquito with a machine gun, I take the same approach to photography. It is the rare occasion that you’ll see me with my camera bag saddled with gear, opting instead to shoot from the hip with my HTC EVO. 

When I shoot From the Hip, I leave my  Holga at home along with the Yaschicas, Minolta, Canon, and Sony digital…