Thomas Celebrates w/ Elifas Andreato

Elifas: Writer, Artist, Publisher, and Brazil’s most famous  Graphic Designer, celebrated with Thomas the launch of Elifas’ new company: Fabula

Elifas gave Thomas a copy of one of his books and inscribed it for Tom’s birthday. He told Elifas, through an interpreter, that he was going to loan it to Montserrat  College of Art’s “bibloteca” because the students would love it.

Elifas was so moved and honored that he also signed a copy for the college. He is a wonderful man and artist…  Brazil’s equivelant to Walt Disney. In November of 2009, he was named a “Count” and awarded The Order of Cultural Merit by Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva.

Later that night Thomas was also  fortunate enough to meet the former Minister of Human Rights Brazil at a restaurant in Sao Paulo, Vienna.

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