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For the love of dog

The May/June American Photo Magazine  reported on JR, a guerilla street artist/self proclaimed “photograffeur”.

JR enlarged his photos to huge proportions and created large scale installations by illegally pasting them onto buildings in: LA, Paris, Israel, Palestine, and the slums of India, Africa, and Brazil.  He especially gained noteriety during the riots in Paris and also by getting arrested in Shanghai.

I believe my May 7th post/photo, Children Underground,  to be a part of JR’s newest project INSIDE OUT, a large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity (portraits) into pieces of artistic work (huge posters).


To participate:

Upload a portrait

Donate $20

Receive a 90 x 135 cm. poster

Paste it for the world to see:

Wait for it . . .
Wait for it . . .

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