Elifas Andreato

From Wikipedia: With over forty years of activity as an artist, Eliphas  is especially recognized as an illustrator of numerous covers of vinyl records in 70 years , including big names of Brazilian popular music such as Chico Buarque de Holanda , Elis Regina , Adoniran Barbosa , Paulinho da Viola , Martinho da Vila .The characteristic poetic with a deep sense of social work Elifas defined as an icon of a generation that protested, through art, against the military dictatorship in force.The generation of vinyl, Eliphas  was the greatest cover artist, came to produce the cover of 362 discs, especially the Opera do Malandro , by Chico Buarque, The Rose of the People , Martinho da Vila, Clementina de Jesus , The Smile On Foot the Ladder of Jesse and Noah’s Ark , the work of Vinicius de Moraes . Eliphaz began production of covers in 1973 , when he created the long-playing Nerves of Steel , Paulinho da Viola.In addition to the work genuinely engaged, Elifas produced and produces pieces of great artistic quality, with international prominence and recognition worldwide. Currently still producing posters, prints and illustrations, and is managing editor of Popular Culture Almanac Brazil , magazine distributed aboard the aircraft carrier TAM to subscribers and newsstands. Composer leap, however developed an important partnership with singer Jesse.

[ Translated by Google from Portuguese ]

[ Photo by Thos. Martin]

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