Moto-boys of Brazil, The Anonymous

 In Sao Paulo I stepped off the plane and into a taxi. On the highway my first thought (aside from trying to convert Kilometers/Horas to Miles/Hour) was the vast number of motorcycles. All single cylinder: Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda. All ridden recklessly by what I could only describe as dusty silhouettes. Anonymous, the riders bandContinue reading “Moto-boys of Brazil, The Anonymous”

Thomas Celebrates w/ Elifas Andreato

Elifas: Writer, Artist, Publisher, and Brazil’s most famous  Graphic Designer, celebrated with Thomas the launch of Elifas’ new company: Fabula.  Elifas gave Thomas a copy of one of his books and inscribed it for Tom’s birthday. He told Elifas, through an interpreter, that he was going to loan it to Montserrat  College of Art’s “bibloteca” because the studentsContinue reading “Thomas Celebrates w/ Elifas Andreato”

“From the Hip” Coming Soon…

“Shooting from the hip”, is at best, an inaccurate way to discharge a firearm. It is although an interesting way to take a photograph.  This is the typical approach when using a Holga medium format camera. With its plastic fixed focus lens, notorious light leaks, and parallax problems (what you see is not neccesarily whatContinue reading ““From the Hip” Coming Soon…”