One Hour Photo

“Nobody ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget.” – Syd Parrish – A recent trip to the One Hour Photo at Walgreens recently lead me to Re-visit one of my Favorite Movies: One Hour Photo, written and directed by Mark Romanek and starring Robin Williams as Syd Parrish. The film, with itsContinue reading “One Hour Photo”

Definitions of Weed

  1.  unwanted plant: a plant, especially a wild plant, growing where it is not wanted 2. unwanted plants: weeds in general ( often used before a noun ) “weed control” 3. plant growing in water: a plant that grows in water, especially seaweed   VERB  1. weed·ed – past and past participle 2. weed·ing – present participle 3. weedsContinue reading “Definitions of Weed”